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Dear friend, welcome to the Russian Voice, your friendly guide to Russian language, culture, and lifestyle. My name is Lydia Gorokhovskaya. I’m a certified Russian language and literature teacher and a founder of the Russian Voice project. My aim here is to teach YOU how to use Russian language in real-life situations with confidence and ease. Whether your goals are to improve your language to enter Russian university, to travel in Eastern Europe, to communicate better at work and with Russian-speaking partners, to do business with Russia, Ukraine, or other Russian-speaking countries, to find your love or chat with friends, I will do my best to prepare you for excellence. Are you passionate about learning Russian? Let’s learn this awesome language together!

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  • I hold a M.A. in Russian Language and Literature and English Studies, a certificate in Economy and International Marketing, and a TESOL certificate.

  • I studied teaching Russian language and literature in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Kiev.

  • In addition, I have a journalistic background and an experience of working in media and teaching English as a foreign language.


Since my student years, I’ve been participating in different educational programs and Russian language competitions. Here are some of my awards:

  • 2009 - A Winner of the European Festival of Russian Language in Saint Petersburg, Russia;

  • 2014 - A Finalist of the Second World Festival of Russian Language in Saint Petersburg, Russia;

  • 2015 - A Laureate of the Third International Competition "The Best Teacher of Russian Language and Literature Abroad" in Moscow, Russia.


  • I have many years of teaching General and Business Russian to international adult students of various levels, ages and backgrounds.

  • I teach businesspeople, IT-specialists, scientists, diplomats, travelers, and all those who are passionate about learning Russian language and culture.

  • My students come from all over the world: Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Poland, Check Republic, Turkey, Mexico, China, Korea, India, Morocco, and many other countries.


  • Many of my students are professionals who live and work in Russia or Ukraine.

  • Since 2009 I have been teaching General and Business Russian for corporate clients.

  • My students are using their Russian skills for companies such as Microsoft, Philip Morris, UniCreditBank, Indesit, L’Oreal, Danone, Boeing, Piraeus Bank, etc.

my approach

At my lessons I use the communicative approach, which is centered in helping the student to develop all important Russian language skills. In each class you will practice Russian in contextualized, practical and everyday situations through activities with predefined goals. With my customized and step-by-step approach boring studying will turn to easy and enjoyable process.


I believe that people learn better, if they have fun and enjoy the experience of using language in their daily life. Our lessons are interactive and sociable. We learn how to use Russian in real-life situations, watch videos, listen to songs and conversations, read and discuss current news. Step by step I move you closer to achieving your individual goals.


I always do our best to make Russian lessons interesting and effective. You will enjoy lessons that use modern, communication-centered activities and materials. At the same time I expect you to play an active part in your learning. Each week you will be given homework to review and practice what has been covered in class.


People learn language best by using it in real-life contexts. I conduct all lessons in Russian. If you are a beginner, you will be provided with English guidelines and explanations. I will correct your spoken and written errors so that you will become more accurate and progress faster. You will understand Russian slang and learn how to use the most common idioms and everyday phrases correctly. You will learn how to speak Russian that natives use in real conversations.


Whatever your age, your level or your learning goals, here you will find a program tailored to suit your personal needs. You will get the individual attention that will allow you to learn at your own speed. I will correct your spoken and written errors so that you will become more accurate and progress faster.


You will be provided with authentic learning materials, which I prepare specially for you before each class. They include visual vocabulary for beginners and vocabulary lists for advanced students, real-world dialogues and phrase banks, grammar tables and infographics, and a great variety of exercises to practice your Russian speaking and writing skills. Reading activities are based on texts from modern Russian magazines, newspapers, and blogs. In addition, you will get audios (podcasts, recorded dialogues and stories, songs) and videos (movies, shows, cartoons, TV commercials, news clips, etc.) to master your listening skills.


At our lessons we learn culture tips, traditions and etiquette for different life situations, societal rules of conduct, body language, differences in values and norms, humor, dress codes, beliefs, customs and traditions. You will know everything to feel comfortable in a Russian-speaking environment and communicate with natives effectively.

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