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Welcome to the russian voice online school!

Привет! My name is Lydia Gorokhovskaya. I’m a certified Russian Language and Literature teacher and a founder of the Russian Voice Online School. I have created a wide variety of Russian language courses to satisfy different learning goals and student’s interests. All my programs follow CEFR and TORFL standards and can be adapted or modified to suit your language needs. Choose your best course and start learning Russian today!

how to study russian in the russian voice school

Take one-to-one or mini group Russian classes with professional native Russian teacher.

Enjoy 60-minute or 90-minute language sessions based on communicative approach.

Learn Russian for life, work, study and travel from Beginner to Advanced level.

Study from 2 to 5 times
per week to reach
your personal language goals.

start learning russian today!

russian courses for beginners

russian basics course (a0-A1)

Do you want to taste Russian? Learn the most common words and survival phrases to feel comfortable in a Russian speaking environment without an interpreter.
Enroll now!

russian start-up course (a1)

Did you study Russian before and wish to understand more and speak better? You will expand your Russian vocabulary, learn new phrases for everyday situations and basic Russian grammar. Join this course!

russian for travelers (a1+)

Are you going to a Russian-speaking country for travel? At this course you will learn how to talk Russian in a variety of everyday situations, orient yourself in a city, do shopping and order meals.

RUSSIAN grammar in stories (a1+)

Learning Russian grammar can be boring, but if you study it in a context, it can turn into fun and enjoyable process. In addition, you will expand your basic Russian vocabulary and improve speaking skills.

russian verbs & cases course (a1+)

If you want to speak Russian like a pro, you must know how to conjugate Russian verbs and use Russian cases correctly. This course will help you to master all important grammar topics.

russian verbs of motion course (A1+)

Russian verbs of motion is a real headache for foreign students. After this course you will know how to use them correctly and be able to talk about traveling and transport. Enroll now!

start learning russian today!

russian courses for intermediate students

russian master course (a2)

Do you have basic knowledge of
Russian language
Do you want to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills?
Then this course is for you!

russian master+ course (b1)

Have you already reached a Pre-Intermediate level of Russian language? Do you want to expand your vocabulary and master your speaking and grammar skills? Then enroll this course now!

russian expert course (B2)

This course will help you to reach an Upper-Intermediate level of Russian. It will help you to become more confident when communicating in Russian and improve your grammar and vocabulary. Enroll now!

business russian course (a2-b2+)

Do you need good knowledge of Russian language for professional purposes and career growth? This course will help you to gain confidence in business communication. Join this course!

russian for exams course (A2-B2+)

Are you going to pass TORFL or other exam in Russian? You will achieve success with our test preparation materials, sample tests, error correction and useful exam tips. Enroll now!

russian grammar workshop (A2-B2+)

Do you want to refresh your Russian grammar skills? Master Russian cases and verb conjugation with simple explanations. Learn how to use them in real life and speak without mistakes!

start learning russian today!

russian courses for advanced learners

professional russian (b2-c1)

Do you want to learn more about Russian culture, politics and business? Do you want to read Russian literature and watch movies in original? Do you want to speak Russian like a native? Добро пожаловать!

russian culture course (b2-c1)

This course is designed for students, who want to know more about Russian culture and history, national character and habits, customs and traditions, etiquette and interpersonal relations.

russian literature masterpieces (b2-c1)

Are you interested in classic and contemporary Russian literature? Read and discuss interesting stories, plays, poems and extracts from novels written by the most significant Russian authors.

start learning russian today!