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These General Russian courses are designed to give you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations. The courses offer levels from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate. They provide a balanced program and focuses on the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation.

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russian basics course (a0-A1)

Do you want to taste Russian? Learn the most common words and survival phrases to feel comfortable in a Russian speaking environment without an interpreter.
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russian start-up course (a1)

Did you study Russian before and wish to understand more and speak better? You will expand your Russian vocabulary, learn new phrases for everyday situations and basic Russian grammar. Join this course!

russian for travelers (a1)

Are you going to a Russian-speaking country for travel? At this course you will learn how to talk Russian in a variety of everyday situations, orient yourself in a city, do shopping and order meals.

RUSSIAN grammar in stories (a1)

Learning Russian grammar can be boring, but if you study it in a context, it can turn into fun and enjoyable process. In addition, you will expand your basic Russian vocabulary and improve speaking skills.

russian verbs & cases course (a1)

If you want to speak Russian like a pro, you must know how to conjugate Russian verbs and use Russian cases correctly. This course will help you to master all important grammar topics.

russian verbs of motion course (A1)

Russian verbs of motion is a real headache for foreign students. After this course you will know how to use them correctly and be able to talk about traveling and transport. Enroll now!

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